Our Team

It is the people who make the difference

Meet the RCS® Sales Team: We work around the clock with clients around the globe. Our logistics experts are fast, creative and fluent in 15 languages. Internationally known for our secure and reliable service, RCS® delivers on its promises while facilitating smooth pick-ups and deliveries around the world.

Experienced and connected.
With an extensive network of operators, wholesalers, distributors and retail chains, we can find you a great deal in the shortest time-frame. Our executives bring years of business know-how, harness top resources and connections and continually over-deliver to maintain our leading position in the industry. Our incredible team is standing by to get started and we hope you will be our next strategic partner.

Key roles
Rami Feller
Founder & CEO
Dina Neeman
Yisrael Zichel
Asaf Sumey
Logistics Manager
Yosi Davidovich
Michal Klapisch
HR Manager
Yaron Cohen
Information Management Specialist
Bluma Sherrow
Marcom Manager
Esther Bloede
head of sales
Avraham Shapira
Sales Executive,
USA & Canada
David Bellman
Sales Executive,
Eastern Europe
Eli Sades
Sales Executive,
Western Europe
Esther Katsauer
Sales Executive, Europe
Milly Hold
Sales Executive,
Italy, Switzerland
Nira Gilaei Daabul
Sales Executive,
Sarah Grodzinsky
Sales Executive,
APAC, UAE & Africa

Rampal Cellular Stockmarket Ltd
1 Ben Gurion st.
Bnei Brak, 5120149 Israel
Tel: +972.3.615.9999
Fax: +972.3.615.8899

RCS Holland B.V.
Einstein an 28
2289 cc
Tel: +31 172 799817

270 Madison Ave 17th floor
New York
NY 10016, USA
Tel: +1.866.346.6290

270 Madison Ave 17th floor
New York
NY 10016, USA
Tel: +1.866.346.6290

Rampal Hong Kong Limited
42/F. Central Plaza 18, Harbour Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

RCS Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Fürstenrieder Str. 239,
c/o Dr. Sommer + Burgmaier
81377 München

RCS® has registered and legal entities in numerous locations around the world ensuring smooth and safe transactions for our suppliers and customers worldwide.